Being childless is nothing new. In fact, it seems that being involuntarily childless nowadays is even rarer than it used to be because there are so many fertility treatments available. Celebrities, who have the resources for intensive treatments and international adoption, seem to make others believe that parenthood is possible for anyone if they just wait long enough or try the correct remedies. 

    In the past, infertility could have dire consequences for royalty. Men could divorce wives or send them to a convent if they did not get pregnant. We are fortunate today to not have such pressure placed upon us, but it is sometimes difficult to find examples of noble characters who have gone through what we are experiencing. Here are just a few famous people who likely desired children but became content with childless living. If you come across any other examples, please let me know!

Ardeth and Heber Kapp: Ardeth Kapp was General Young Women President from 1984-1992. Heber has been both a mission president and a temple president. The two of them have devoted their entire lives to serving others. Read her bio in the Ensign or on Wiki

Eliza Roxcy Snow: Plural wife to Joseph Smith and then Brigham Young. Poet and scriptorian. Many of her hymns are included in the LDS Hymnal, including "O My Father." Second General Relief Society President. Referred to as a "Mother in Israel." Read a brief bio about her. 

James K. Polk and his wife, Sarah: He was the 11th President of the United States. She assisted him in politics. Here's his bio

Julia and Paul Child: A true American icon. She authored Mastering the Art of French Cooking and inspired many homemakers of the 1960s and later decades. Read her bio.